I'm done with the story. What now?

reading activity Mar 24, 2023

I spend hours writing stories for my students and, after going over it with them, I usually don't want to just hand them a worksheet. I want to play with the story more! Get them more involved in it and more hands on. And I don't want to work too hard to make that happen! lol Here are some activities your students can do with a story after you are done reading it. Some take very little time and some are more time intensive.

  • Alpha Boxes: Basically, the students need to come up with an idea or word for each letter of the alphabet. Good way to get a conversation going. Martina Bex has a blog on it.
  • Annotation Walk
  • Blackout Poetry
  • Cataplun: This is a card game by Martina Bex. Pretty easy to put together if you have questions already created.
  • Create a Comic Strip
  • Collaborative Mural from Martina Bex (no prep)
  • Cutting Up Text Evidence from Sra Jota Jota. Have the students draw a picture that represents the story and then, surprise, they need to cut out the text evidence and glue/tape it to the picture they drew.
  • Emoji Hieroglyphs The student will draw emojis retelling the story. Then, surprise, they  must use those emoji's to retell it in Spanish (Can pair with Simultaneous Presentations)
  • Gimkit Collab. Have the students get into groups and create questions about the article. The questions get approved or denied by you.
  • Game of Quotes from Senora Chase
  • How Long Can You Wait: I learned this from Donna Tatum-Johns. Give the students a sentence (or as many as you think they can handle). Let them just sit and think about the sentences (max of 30 seconds) and then write down what they remember - either in English or in Spanish.
  • Interview Main Character
  • Lucky Reading Game from Senora Chase: My students love this! You do need a deck of cards and to have questions created before hand. 
  • Make Me a Star: Students will choose a section and record themselves reading it. Flipgrid is good for this. They can also use laptops if your school supports it. I have them use their iPhones and then airdrop the file to me.
  • Mentiroso followed by a Shrinking Summary (I thought I had a blog on this but I don't!)
  • Parejas from Senora Chase: This is a Matching Game
  • Pop Up from Senora Chase. She says she loves playing it after a story, and there is very little prep involved but I haven't played yet. There is a handout to go along with the game on her site.
  • Postcard: On one side, students will draw a picture, image, or meme representing the story. On the other side, they "write home" about what they read and their review of it.
  • Q&A: Students write questions as they read and then, when the teacher gives the prompt, they will ask each other the questions they came up with.
  • Running Dictation from Martina Bex. (I'll have to come back to this. I've never played it!)
  • Student Retell: Students will retell the story from a different characters point of view.
  • Spot the Differences: Give students a new copy of the story with parts of it changed. Students will read the new version and find the incorrect information. Make sure to tell them how many changes there were.
  • Story Map
  • Sitting Transcription by Martina Bex. (I haven't played this yet. It's supposed to be the calmer version of Running Dictation.)
  • Simultaneous Presentations (can pair with the Emoji writing)
  • (El) Toro Enojado from Sara Chronister: Instead of handing out a worksheet to complete, play this game! Takes about 5  minutes to input already prepared questions and then 10-15 to cut out the cards (or have the students cut them out!)
  • Twisted Jeopardy
  • Te Toca a Ti from Cynthia Hitz: Divide the class into 2 groups and everyone stands up. One member from Team 1 shares a fact about the story and then says Te Toca a Ti. Now it's the other teams turn and any team member can share any fact that hasn't already been said. (Maybe write them on the board?) First team to get stuck has to stand for X minutes while the other team gets to sit.
  • Write and Discuss (haven't done this yet)
  • Srta Spanish has a YouTube channel with more ideas: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKg2s4k8sHSVRX-s0v1smoZhiZPm8X-OP&si=EnSIkaIECMiOmarE 

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