Our Spanish 2 Curriculum

This Curriculum includes seventeen (17) complete units and 4 unit exams. 3 of the units are culturally focused on Day of the Dead, Christmas, and New Year's. These easy-to-follow plans will guide your instruction from Day 1 to Day 180 while still giving you room to be creative.  Each unit is packed with engaging and interactive resources for the students (and step-by-step lesson plans and answer keys for you) so you can spend more time teaching and less time planning.

Abierto combines Comprehensible Input with Traditional Techniques allowing all teachers in a department to teach according to their strengths. Each unit also contains cultural information on a variety of topics to keep your students interested and yourself happy.

You are free to purchase individual units to fill out plans you already have, or purchase the complete curriculum which will give you access to all my materials related to that level. Everything is organized for you in one place with no need to fill up clunky binders or try to find room in your class for one more thing to store.

On TPT, you can read reviews from other teachers and see previews of the activities and materials. 

 Click here for the Curriculum Map & Pacing Guide

If you would like to see samples of my work these units are free:

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