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I created this so I can have all my videos in one place. I also use the songs from and have created a spreadsheet to help pair his songs with the Somos chapters.  The song pairings are a mix of what I used in my class plus suggestions from other teachers. 

Dice (1)

Possible Wooly Songs: Puedo ir al bano Grammar: Informal Classroom Commands

El Encierro (2)

Possible Wooly Songs: La canción original Grammar: First person present tense

Cierra la Puerta (3)

Wooly Songs: Billy la bufanda / Es una ganga   Grammar: First Person Present Tense

La Universidad (4)

Wooly Songs: La invitacion   Grammar: Conmigo/Contigo, Present Tense AR Verbs

La Corrida de Toros (5)

Wooly Songs: Guapo / No lo tengo Grammar: Subject Pronouns / Tener & Estar