El Toro Enojado! A small group game for Spanish class

games review game Apr 15, 2023

I love playing games in the classroom but I will only play games that require a minimum amount of resources. I'm like The Lorax, I speak for the trees, and I just can't handle anything that uses paper that will just be thrown away. Most games require some kind of scoresheet but not this one! Hooray! I got the idea for El Toro Enojado after playing Exploding Kittens with my family one night. This version isn't nearly as complicated but it's still loads of fun!

What is this game?

EL TORO ENOJADO is a small group game (4-5 is best) that is great for any kind of review. I had my seniors help with the gameplay and I used questions from their latest reading about The Bermuda Triangle. Some of the cards had T/F questions, some had review questions, and a few had pictures they had to describe. After a few modifications, they declared it one of the best games I have!

How to play El Toro Enojado

  • Put the cards into one big pile and decide who in the group will go first
  • Player 1 draws a card and tries to complete the task: answer a question, describe a picture, change a tense, etc.  If they get it wrong, the card goes back in the pile, anywhere they want to put it. If they get it right, they get to keep the card.
  • Next, player 2 picks a card and so on
  • If a card with a bull is drawn, the player might, or might not, lose all their cards! A few of the question cards have an image of a bullfighter on them. If they have one of those, it can be used to 'defuse' the bull. Both the card with the bullfighter, and the bull, are put back into the deck.
  • The game keeps going until all the card pile is empty.

How to score El Toro Enojado

  • Easiest way is to count the cards. The player with the most cards wins.
  • Version 2: There are numbers in the corner of each card. Have the players add up their numbers and the person with the highest score wins
  • Version 3: This is a silly but fun way and does need either a whiteboard or scrap paper. Have each number on the card represent a part of an item. We were reading about they mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle so the object I wanted them to draw was a plane. Each time they correctly answered a card, they would look at the number in the upper right and that would correspond to a piece of a plane. For instance, 1 was a wing and 2 was an engine. The person who finished their drawing first won an additional point. If the student already had both wings drawn, and they pulled a card with a 1 on it, they must add on the extra wing somewhere. This led to some very funny pictures being drawn!

How to set up El Toro Enojado

You can print the cards back-to-back which will give you 32 cards in total but 4 of those have bulls on them. (To help keep them organized, you can print each set on a different color of paper; or, my school doesn't have colored paper, so after they print I will take markers and mark each set with a different color.) Many people will say to laminate them to keep them for future use but I've found with playing cards like these, laminating them makes it hard for the students to shuffle and organize them. To each their own however!

What kind of questions should I put on the cards?

Anything you want! Here are a few of the ideas I've had. If you use these, let me know and I'll add your idea to the list!

  • Students can translate a sentence or words into the Target Language (or have them translate into English)
  • Answer a question
  • Describe a picture or a character
  • Conjugate a verb
  • Fill in a missing word
  • Give them a word and they need to describe it
  • Change the tense of a sentence

Ready to try it? The template is available on TPT at this link!

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