Abierto Curriculum

All of our units are filled with a variety of activities proven to help students acquire Spanish. They are based on state and national standards and include Project Based Learning, digital activities, authentic resources, short stories, and more. Here are just some of the resources that are included in our curriculum.

Free Resources 


I love to make things and then to have my creations help other people. It's the best feeling for me. Here are a few of the resources I've made that are free to you:

Listening and Reading 

Each unit in our Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 curricula includes fantastic short stories and interesting audio files that will engage your students to use their language. These materials are a fantastic way to integrate Reading, Writing, and Culture into your classroom in a way that will keep your student engaged in the lesson.

Each short story was either written by myself or Pau, all stories were edited by Pau, a short-story writer born in Valencia who lives in Belgium. The audio files were created by an Argentine recording studio run by Rafael and his team.

PowerPoints with Guided Notes 

If you're a Spanish teacher then you surely rely on PowerPoint & Google Slides. Our  PowerPoints are some of the most engaging you'll find anywhere - and they're all editable as well! 

Each is filled with captivating images and easy-to-understand notes that allow students to focus on the key points and grasp difficult concepts. 

Flipped Classroom video versions of every grammar presentation are included!

The presentations & videos align with the guided notes so your students can focus on the key concepts and not how much they're writing. 

Projects, Readings, & Worksheets 

Every unit in our curricula includes activities, readings, audio files, and worksheets for in-class activities or homework. 

There's also a variety of engaging projects in which students work together in groups or individually. These include presentations and activities to get students up and moving around the room. 

Best of all, everything is fully planned out for you. No more worrying about what reading to pair with what PowerPoint or activity. 



The best part of this curriculum will be you! I have put together these materials over my 10+ years of teaching but, as we all know, the language community is a close knit group that loves to share resources. I will be compiling a list of resources sent to me from fellow teachers that will be free to you to use, at any time. 

Do you have something to contribute to the group? I'd love to hear from you! Email me at [email protected]