Mandatos En Cadena

group activity mandatos review game Feb 17, 2022

I am always looking for low- to no-prep games and this one is perfect for practicing affirmative commands! We are just getting ready to start the Command Unit in Spanish 3, and I came across this little treasure that I learned to play in college. 


Divide your class into 2 teams. Everyone listens closely as one person from a Team A gives a chain of commands to Team B, this is the "cadena." One person from Team B (decided beforehand), attempts to complete the cadena by following the commands in sequence.

If the cadena is done in the proper order, the team receives 2 points. If the player messes up, the other team can steal the cadena by trying to complete it correctly. They can earn 1 point.

For example: Levántate, da la vuelta, levanta la mano derecha, baja la mano, camina hacia la pizarra, escribe tu nombre, vuelve a tu asiento y siéntate.


My classes are big so instead of 2 groups, I split them into 4 groups. I have 2 Team A's and 2 Team B's. The team who is giving the instructions has to write the commands down on a whiteboard (to reduce cheating and forgetfulness of what was said). It saves time to have both teams write down their instructions at the same time.

Start with just 2-3 instructions and then build from there.

How did you modify this for your classroom? Comment below!

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