Why Use Music in the Classroom?

music song of the week Jan 24, 2022


Click the link to see the songs! https://bit.ly/SongofWeek

I also have the songs on my webpage under Bellringers for easy viewing during class: https://www.cyberproferesources.com/bellringers

I love using music in my classroom! I love it so much that it’s an integral part of my lesson plans. Why? Because 99.9% of everyone loves music and if the tune is catchy enough, it doesn’t matter if you can understand the words or not. I remember backpacking through Italy after college, staying in hostels, and everyone was singing an American song. I wish I could remember what it was but it’s been too long and I’ve forgotten. I’m almost positive it was an Eminem song though! When I would ask if they understood the words they would tell me no but they liked the song.

I also don’t want to turn listening to music into a chore which is why I have pared down what I do with my songs to the bare minimum. Originally, I had created intricate and long worksheets but that sucked the joy out of it for my students and for me (hello grading!) I then went the opposite way and didn’t hand out anything; but that had the unexpected effect of causing classroom discipline issues. The students didn’t understand what they were listening to, why the band was important, or why they should pay any attention at all. I have currently compromised (every teacher’s middle name) and I hand out the lyrics, a short writeup on the song and song writer, and 5 questions about it.

Why do I do it this way? Reading is everything! We all know the best way to learn vocabulary is to read so I researched and wrote a short paragraph to introduce the artists to my students. My goal was to reuse words so they would start to remember them, and to make it understandable to them so they would enjoy reading it. There are 5 questions for each bio, nothing too hard, nothing to make it seem like work even though they are reading (hooray!), decoding, and writing. Then, bonus, we get to listen to the song each day of the week.

How do I know when it’s time to play the song? Each week, I choose a Special Person of the Week who has Song Power. They are allowed to stop me one time per class and ask for the song. I also play it during transitions and sometimes at the end of class if the Special Person hasn’t asked for it. I tried to find multiple genres as well to appeal to all the tastes in class! In addition, for each Special Person of the Week, I write a short note home to the parents letting them know how much I appreciate having their child in class. Sometimes it’s a stretch to come up with positive things to say but it can be done, and the parents always appreciate a friendly email praising their child. I know I love getting them about my boy!

This took 2 years of research, but I am happy to share this list of songs. Is there a song you love that isn’t on there? You can add it to the list or email it to me and I will add it for you. Click the link to see the songs! https://bit.ly/SongofWeek

I also have the songs on my webpage under Bellringers for easy viewing during class: https://www.cyberproferesources.com/bellringers

Nos vemos!


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