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sketch notes smash doodle Mar 18, 2022

I had been wanting to try a Sketch Notes for years, but I was too nervous. I had Anxiety! If you are like me and have New Activity Anxiety, here is a Sketch Notes for Dummies page to help you through your first one. Also called Smash Doodles.

(My Reflection)

  1. Tell your students you are going to have them take notes but in a visually interesting way. I compared it to cave drawings! Quickly tell your non-drawers that they will be ok! No need to worry!

  2. Show this video: Sketch Note Taking for Students ( and pause to show them that not everything is a drawing. There are symbols, colors, even words that are made to look artistic.

  3. Hand out the story you want them to use to create their Sketch Note. 

  4. I had my students follow this formula (credit Shelly Burge):
    1. Title: Name + Chapter + image
    2. Vocabulary: At least 5 new and important vocabulary words + image
    3. Summary: At least 3 sentences that summarize the story (or chapter) and each sentence had to have a transitional word in it (for level 2 and 3) + image
    4. Opinion: Their opinion on the reading, and why, along with transitional words + image (ex: I believe... because...)

  5. A fun follow-up to the Sketch Note is to have them swap papers and try to retell the story based on what the other person drew.

  6. As always, it turned out there was nothing to be afraid of and my students had fun!

Here are 3 examples based on the story from Unit 29 Estamos jugando (focus on Present Progressive).

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