En español, por favor.

conversation Jun 19, 2023

I'm sure you know this pain. You've been teaching Spanish to your students all year; maybe even for multiple years, yet they still come up to you and ask their question in English. Argh! I sometimes wanted to make a sign that I could hold up that would say, "En español, por favor."

I let this challenge simmer in my brain and what I came up with is to give my student's a cheat sheet. So I made one! I'm going to use this handout when school restarts in the Fall and see if it helps them overcome their fear/shyness/embarrassment when they want to ask me something. At the very least, it lets me switch from saying, "En español, por favor," to "¿Dónde está tu chuleta?" :)

Feel free to use this in your own classroom, and modify it to suit your style! (You don't need Dropbox to open the file even if it asks you to create an account.) https://www.dropbox.com/s/2f1lrgxf3d3hhdv/Conversation%20Helpers.docx?dl=0 

What would you add to this? What do your students ask you all the time?

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